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Double Compression Cable Gland

About Double Compression Glands

By offering highly durable Double Compression Cable Gland, our company GIE Cable Glands has turned out to be one of the Best Brass Cable Gland Suppliers in India. The nickel plating ensures complete protection from rust, which ensures durability as well.

Material of Construction : Brass Plating : Nickel plated

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  • About Double Compression Cable Gland

    Technical Data of Double Compression Cable Gland

    Material : Brass (IS-319) Standard – (Al. / S.S. / M.S. also available)

    Plating : Nickle Plated Standard – (Chrome also available)

    Entry Threads : BSC Standard – (PG / Metric / NPT / BSP / also available)

    Sealing Rubber Ring : Nitrile / Neoprene

    Gland Standard : BS 6121

    Ingress Protection : IP 66 as per IS 12063

    Application of Double Compression Cable Gland:

Weather Proof Double Compression Glands are weather proof and dust proof (IP-66) which can be used in normal climatic condition. Also when protected by PVC shrouds it can be used in corrosive atmosphere.

These glands are available in different sizes and are suitable for all cables upto 1000 sq. mm. and control cables upto 61 cores.Double Compression Cable Glands

Accessories for Double Compression Cable Gland:

PVC Shroud, Earth Tag, Stopping Plug, Reducer, Adapter, etc. are available with specified dimensions in accordance to the Gland separately.

double compression cable gland parts

Some Useful Information about Double Compression Cable Glands

How Many Types of Cable Gland?

1. Brass Indoor Type Gland

2. Brass Outdoor Type Gland

3. Brass Straitening Unarmored Cable Gland

4. Brass Weather Proof Gland

5. PG Threaded Gland

6. Industrial Type Gland

7. Single Cable Glands

8. Double Compression Cable Glands

Double Compression Cable Gland Selection Chart

double compression cable gland chart

Difference Between Single and Double Compression Cable Gland

About Single

1. No Cone and Cone Ring

2. Used in every motors

3. Provide extra support to the light armored cables entering.

4. Parts :

A. Gland body

B. Gland body Nut

C. Neopen Rubber seal.

D. Rubber Washer

E. Check Nut

F. Flat washer

Double Compression Cable Glands

1. In Double – only cone and cone ring

2. Double compression Cable glands used in FLP motors for intrinsic safety

3. Double compression glands provide extra support to the heavy armored cables entering.

4. Parts of Double compression cable glands:

A. Gland body

B. Gland body Nut

C. Cone

D. Cone Ring

E. Neopen Rubber seal.

F. Rubber Washer

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